During this time your patient journey will be different to before but just as comfortable.

Please book by either email info@dentalemporium.co.uk or call us on 0208 780 2226

  • Patients are asked to please go to the restroom before attending their appointment

  • Please bring your own pen

  • Please bring only minimal belongings into the practice with you

  • Please attend alone wherever possible or with one other person if absolutely necessary

  • More vulnerable patients should wear a simple face covering when they attend
  • Please only arrive at the time of your appointment. Upon arrival to the practice, we ask patients to please either call reception or ring the doorbell (this will be disinfected after each patient) and a member of staff will open the door for them
  • Patients will be met by a team member wearing appropriate PPE who will check their medical history and scan their temperature
  • You will be screened using the COVID-19 screening questions and if now in Category 1 will be referred to an appropriate center (if it is an emergency) or advised to self-isolate
  • All patients will be asked to use our hand sanitiser and be given gloves when entering the building from the PPE station inside the front door
  • You will then be escorted directly into the surgery
  • Your belongings will be placed in a designated area which will be disinfected after use
  • Once entering the surgery, our patients are asked to retain their gloves until the end of the appointment
  • At the end of treatment, you should leave the room immediately, dispose of PPE in a provided clinical waste bin and perform hand sanitation using alcohol gel placed outside the door

  • The patients will then collect their belongings from the designated area and escorted to the practice exit
  • According to new regulations patients need to pay a booking deposit of £60 (the consultation fee) and due to the increase of single use disposable protective wear (PPE) a fee of £20 will also be required

We look forward to seeing you all very soon and looking after your oral health